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Support Groups

Alumni Alive

FVL's alumni society is governed by volunteer representatives from the majority of graduating classes. The group oversees special events and appeals touching the interest areas of alumni and supports the school with special projects such as the new security system.

Activities sponsored by this group produce income which has been donated to the tuition assistance fund. In the last two years, the alumni have donated $12,000 toward keeping Christian education affordable for the families of the Federation.

The Bargain Garden Thrift Shop

In operation since 1992, this all-volunteer group provides 90% of its proceeds to support FVL-- $790K towards equipment purchases, tuition assistance, debt retirement, and building fund. Another $76K has been directed to WELS charities. Sales since Day One of operation total over $1.6M.

Store hours are 9 am - 4 pm daily. Thursday offers extended shopping hours until 8 pm and Saturday hours run  9 am - Noon.

Normal store days have two shifts of workers, Thursday evenings means three shifts of workers, and Saturday's short hours have only one shift. About 100 volunteers fill those shifts. Volunteers come from the entire Federation of churches that own and operate Fox valley Lutheran High School.

Find out more about shopping, donating and volunteering at The Bargain Garden at http://www.bargaingardenthrift.com/.


The Fans of the Foxes

 Fans of the Foxes provides workers for athletic events and concession areas. They also sponsor a variety of athletic events for Federation grade school students. Fans of the Foxes has enriched the sports program by building the concession stand and press box, and by providing uniforms and equipment for various teams. The group is open to anyone interested.

This group purchases almost 100% of athletic team uniforms. That allows for only a small portion of tuition fees (1.2%) be used for athletics costs.


FVL Friends

Begun in February, 1993, FVL's newest support group provides significant gifts in support of the school's operating budget. An annual gathering is held each fall to share the "good news" of this group's work with new members.

Besides volunteering on various boards and committees and keeping the teen ministry of FVL in their prayers, the Friends have donated over $230K of general operating support in the last four fiscal years.


The Music Associates

This group supports FVL's music programs, both choral and instrumental, by providing volunteers for different music events and sponsoring FVL Musicfest. Music Associates donate supplies, equipment, instruments, gowns, and uniforms, and help fund tours.

Music Associates provide scholarships for FVL music students' participation in extra-curricular camps and ensembles, such as the Fox Valley Youth Symphony, the Lawrence Academy Wind Ensemble, and Girl Choirs, among others.


We recognize that God gives us all we have. In thankfulness, we respond to His Grace. We can say "thank you" to our Lord by giving of our time, talent, and treasure in His service.

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