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Academic Policy - Grading Indicators

The following letter grades (including + and - grades) are used to indicate mastery of objectives in a course: 

  • A = Excellent
  • B = Above Average
  • C = Average
  • D = Below Average
  • F = Failure

The school also uses: 

  • INC - Incomplete
  • W - Withdrawal
  • WP - Withdrawal Passing
  • M - Medical
  • WF - Withdrawal Failing
  • P - Passing/No Credit

FVL does not offer the option for students to audit classes.

If the FVL class schedule allows for it, students are encouraged to retake a failed course during the regular school year at FVL. The grade earned in a retaken FVL class is usually substituted for the previous grade. The new grade is used thereafter in determining cumulative grade point average and class rank. A course may not be retaken if a C- or higher grade was previously earned.

Semester report cards are posted in the student’s Skyward portfolio and are mailed after semester grade processing is complete. All Term and Mid-Term progress reports throughout each semester are available online through FVL’s Skyward Family Access. GPA is recalculated after each semester.

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