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Academic Policy - Transcripts

Credits earned at FVL are transferable to other public and non-public secondary schools and to institutions of higher learning. No transcript of credits or diplomas are issued until all financial obligations are met.  

Sending Transcripts 

Students earning college credits are responsible for transferring these credits to their school of choice.

Official transcripts, checked and approved by the Guidance Office, are sent to colleges and scholarship funds by request from the student. There is a $2 charge for transcripts sent to colleges. Transcripts needed for scholarships and the final transcript sent to the college a student will be attending are free.

Up to 8.5 transferred credits per year will be accepted by FVL for International and transfer students.

FVL uses the letter grade from the previous school as the transfer grade, even if the grading scale at that school was different than the one used by FVL.

FVL does not distinguish, separate, or calculate various GPA from different institutions. A student has one GPA. The final GPA is reflected on a student’s 4 years or 8 semesters (7 if graduating early) of high school. FVL offers the service of sending transcripts online.

Check fvlhs.org/Academics/Transcripts for the link to order transcripts. 

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