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Attendance - Acceptable Reasons for Absence

Acceptable reasons for absence are . . . 

  1. illness
  2. serious illness or death in the family
  3. religious services
  4. inclement weather
  5. court summons
  6. medical appointments
  7. driver’s tests
  8. college visits or other activities related to a future career, and 
  9. military service

There may be other unique circumstances that would be an excused absence. Parents and students should check with the Assistant Principal.

The FVL Administration may request signed statements from a doctor for prolonged illness (5 or more consecutive school days). Doctor and dentist appointments should be made outside of school hours or during study periods if possible. If such appointments must be made during school hours, a Pre-Planned Absence Form is required. All absences are part of the student’s permanent record and also apply to the attendance policy.

FVL does not recognize or approve of student “skip days.” Such days will be considered truancies and will have disciplinary consequences.

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