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Attendance - Unplanned Absence/Late (Sick or Other)

  • If a student is ill or will be missing school for other “last minute” reasons, parents are to call the school. The same is true if a student will be late to school.
  • Students who arrive to school late must check in with the Attendance Coordinator. They will be given a pass to attend class. 
  • The Attendance Coordinator will call parents of students who have not reported to school by mid-morning.

Steps for Unplanned Absence

1. Call the Attendance Coordinator


The recorded message will offer an option for “attendance.” Choose the "attendance" option.

Please leave a voice message that includes...
    • Student's full name, including the spelling of the last name
    • Parent caller’s full  name
    • Reason for the absence

The Attendance Coordinator will receive the message and record the information.

2. Send a note by email or on paper


Because FVL is required to have “hard copy” documentation, parents need to send a note the next day to the Attendance Coordinator (an email is also acceptable). 


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