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Bahavior Policy - Conflict Resolution Procedure

During the course of a student’s education, academic and disciplinary conflicts may arise between a student and teacher. God’s Word in Matthew 18:15ff commands that such conflicts are to be settled through proper communication between the people involved. The steps below outline the approved method for handling such conflicts:

  1. The student and teacher make every effort to resolve the conflict.
  2. If the matter remains unresolved, the student and parent should approach the teacher to discuss the conflict.
  3. Should the matter not be resolved, the student and parent are to contact the Principal if the issue is related to faculty and academics or to the Assistant Principal in matters related to conduct and discipline. The Principal and/or Assistant Principal will review the conflict with all parties involved and attempt to resolve the situation. This may involve meetings between student/parent and teacher.
  4. If no resolution of the conflict is reached related to communication between the student/parent and the Assistant Principal, the student/parent may present their issue(s) to the Principal. The Principal will work with all involved to bring about a satisfactory resolution.
  5. If no resolution is reached after working through the Principal, the student/parent may ask to present their issue(s) to the Board of Regents where a final resolution of the matter will be determined.

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