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Behavior Policy - Sexual Behavior

God in his Word provides clear instruction on sexual behavior and the family.  God permits his gift of sexual intimacy only within the marriage of one man to one woman.  He clearly forbids all sexual sins, including sins against one’s own body and mind (e.g. pornography), sexual activity by unmarried heterosexual couples, and homosexuality.  Sexual misconduct on or off campus, including “sexting,” is a serious violation of God’s will. Disciplinary action will be taken, including the possibility of expulsion. 


Students of FVL will be permitted to hold hands with members of the opposite sex while at school.  Any other public displays of affection are prohibited, and appropriate corrective and disciplinary measures will be taken.


In keeping both the Law and the Gospel in the forefront, and mindful of the individual student’s well-being, as well as that of the school ministry as a whole, FVL employs the following policy:

  1. Students who become pregnant, or who participate in causing a pregnancy, will be counseled to speak with their pastor relative to their spiritual needs. An FVL administration meeting with the student, parents and pastor will be called to review the situation. Resulting consequences are to be viewed as part of a loving disciplinary and service plan, not as punishment, because Jesus has already been punished for all of our sins.
  2. A pregnant student, or a male student who participated in causing a pregnancy, may continue normal classroom participation. School administration, in consultation with the pregnant student, her parents, and her teachers, will determine an alternative academic plan when physical limitations prevent her from attending school.
  3. Since the pregnancy creates some special concerns both for the student and the school, the male or female student’s involvement in co-curricular activities and school-related public appearances will be suspended for one calendar year (365 days) starting at the time the pregnancy is confirmed to the administration. This suspension remains in effect should the pregnancy end in miscarriage or abortion. At the end of the suspension, the administration, together with the student’s parents and pastor, will review whether it is advisable for the student to participate in co-curricular activities and appearances. If an FVL student is a partner in a second pregnancy, the student forfeits the privilege to attend FVL upon confirmation of the pregnancy by the administration.
  4. Graduation is a public ceremony, so the matter of public offense is also an area of concern. Should the term of the pregnancy overlap with graduation, students who demonstrate unrepentant attitudes in words or actions will be restricted from taking part in the public graduation service; these students would still receive their diplomas, but only after all required work has been completed. Students who have demonstrated contrition and who have received forgiveness may be able to participate in graduation. Each case, for the good of the student and the school as a whole, needs to be decided by school administration in considering each case’s unique circumstances.
  5. The Bible teaches that life begins at conception. Life is sacred as created by God. Taking the life of an unborn child is a sin against God, the child, and the 5th Commandment. Should the pregnancy be terminated by an abortion, the student(s) involved (potentially including the father of the child, if he is a student at FVL), parents, pastors, and administration will meet to review the situation. The FVL administration will determine the consequences related to the student’s status at FVL. Consequences could be suspension or expulsion.

Christian care and concern should be evident in all school activities as administration, faculty, and staff work with these students, their parents, and their pastors. While sexual permissiveness may pervade our society, we are to stand as a witness to God’s will which opposes sexual relations outside the marriage bond between one man and one woman.


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