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Campus - Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC can be used by students before or after school as well as during their study hall during the school day.The ARC hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on school days except during chapel. The atmosphere is to be quiet and orderly. No drink or food (except water in bottles) may be brought into the ARC. Students are to handle materials and equipment with care and return them to their proper places. Equipment must be used at its assigned work-station. The ARC Coordinator and Assistant are available to assist students making use of the ARC. 

Borrowing Materials

Please have your student ID to check out materials. Checking out materials for other students is not allowed. Books are checked out for a period of three weeks and may be renewed at the discretion of the staff. Students may have no more than ten books charged to their account at one time. It is the student’s responsibility to have the book back by the due date.

Reserve/Reference Books

Reserve books must be used in the ARC and returned at the end of the period. They may be checked out for overnight use after the last period of the day and must be returned before the first period of the following school day.  Reference books and current issues of magazines are only for use in the ARC and must be returned at the end of the period. 

Returns and overdue materials

All materials are to be returned to the Circulation Desk and given to the ARC Assistant or placed in the book drop. Students are responsible for the return of materials on or before the due date. A grace period of two days after the due date is allowed for books. The grace period does not apply to other materials from the ARC. All fines are charged beginning with the due date, not the end of the grace period. The fine for books is 10 cents per day per book. (For example, a book due on Monday and returned or renewed by Wednesday - no fine; returned or renewed on Thursday - 30 cents.) For reserve books, and back issues of magazines, the fine is $1.00 per day per item. The student who is sick on the due date and grace period (three days total) will be exempted from payment after the librarian checks with the attendance coordinator. Regardless of age or condition, lost or damaged materials must be paid for by the borrower at the cost of replacement. This is a cash transaction; substitute materials will not be accepted.

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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