03 - Academic Eligibility

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All students are encouraged to participate in cocurricular activities. According to the WIAA, individual schools determine academic eligibility policy. The guidelines listed below are enforced so that students maintain good academic standing while participating in activities.

The Academic Committee for Eligibility (ACE) supervises the general policy.  Questions concerning ACE policies should be directed to the Guidance Director.

    Students receiving two D’s on progress reports or report cards will be encouraged to improve the grade(s). Under Eligibility Warning, students will remain eligible to participate in any cocurricular activity during the current grading period.

    Students who receive three or more D’s or one F on progress reports or report cards are considered “Ineligible Pending Appeal.” Participation in any cocurricular activity is not allowed until the next eligibility list is published unless an Appeal for Eligibility Form is submitted to the Guidance Director.  This form must be submitted by 8:00 am on the Wednesday after progress reports/report cards are posted to the student’s portfolio in Skyward. Submitting this form grants temporary eligibility status until ACE acts on the appeal. 

    Grades from the most recent grading period will be used for those previously ineligible.

    Students who receive two or more F’s on progress reports or report cards are not allowed to participate in any cocurricular throughout the current grading period. 

    Incomplete grades that remain after ACE meets will result in immediate ineligibility. The student is ineligible from that date until the unfinished work is completed and the grade is posted by the teacher.

    NOTE - Be aware that the teacher will need 1-2 days to assess the complete work. 

    If the posted grade is an F or a third D, an appeal must be filed within a day for consideration by the ACE committee. If the posted grade is a second F for a student, then eligibility is denied.

    Once new grades are posted and verified by Guidance staff, students . . .

    • who were ineligible previously become eligible immediately if they no longer fall under the ineligibility criteria.

    • who were previously ineligible remain ineligible if their status has not changed. Incompletes are considered F’s. They have the right to appeal by the ACE deadline.

    • who were eligible by appeal but do not meet the conditions of their appeal are immediately ineligible. Incompletes will be considered F’s. They have the right to appeal by the ACE meeting deadline.

    • who were eligible, but now fall under the ineligibility criteria have until the next ACE meeting to appeal.  

Students and parents are encouraged to check grades on Skyward Family Access regularly to avoid academic ineligibility.  Close communication with teachers can minimize grading issues.

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