03 - Academic Eligibility

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03 - Academic Eligibility

All students are encouraged to participate in cocurricular activities. According to the WIAA, individual schools determine academic eligibility policy.

A student cannot have more than one failing grade (including incompletes) in the most recent school-issued grade reporting period to be eligible for cocurriculars.  

  • The grading periods are Term 1, Mid-Term 2, Term 3, and Mid-Term 4.  

  • Once grades are posted, the student will have a window of time to appeal. All students are eligible while waiting for the results of the appeal process.   

  • Ineligibility does not carry over to the next semester unless a student has failed more than one class at the semester marking period per WIAA guidelines. In this situation, the ACE (Academic Committee on Eligibility) members at FVL will determine eligibility return based on WIAA guidelines.

  • A student may lose Building Pass permissions and/or Commons privileges if Academically Ineligible.

The Academic Committee for Eligibility (ACE) supervises the general policy.  Questions concerning ACE policies should be directed to the Guidance Director.

Students and parents are encouraged to check grades on Skyward Family Access regularly to avoid academic ineligibility.  Close communication with teachers can minimize grading issues.

UPDATED 6/16/2023

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