03 - Add/Drop Guidelines

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  • Students cannot drop a class that would give them two study halls in a semester without the consent of their Guidance Counselor and the FVL Administration.
  • Guided Studies students may have two study halls in the same semester. Students with two College classes in the same semester may have two study halls in the corresponding semester.
  • A student may add or drop a full-year or Semester 1-only class up to seven school days after the 1st semester has started. 
  • A student may add or drop a Semester 2-only class up to seven school days after the 2nd semester has started. 
  • For classes designated as College classes, a student has until Mid-Term 1 for Semester 1-only or full-year classes, or Mid-Term 3 for Semester 2-only classes to drop the class. The only class that may be added would be a similar class (e.g. College Physics to Physics).


UPDATED 5/31/20