03 - Cheating and Plagiarism

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03 - Cheating and Plagiarism

FVL expects all students will honor the principles of honesty and truth as taught in God’s Word. This means that all academic work will be done by the student to whom it was assigned without unauthorized aid of any kind.  All research sources must be cited fully and accurately. The school reserves the right to use academic screening companies to check for the authenticity of student work. Cheating may result in suspension or removal from cocurricular activities including, but not limited to, National Honor Society.

The following guidelines have been established concerning cheating and plagiarism:

  • Offenses will be categorized depending on circumstances, severity, and previous history.
  • Immediate consequences may include—but are not limited to— warnings, grade deductions or failures, detentions, work redone, and partial or full suspensions.
  • Gross disregard for the cheating and plagiarism policy or a well-established pattern of a dishonest work ethic may result in failure of the course and no credit earned.



    Obtaining, attempting to obtain, or aiding another to obtain credit for work, or any improvement in evaluation of performance, by any dishonest or deceptive means.
    Using the ideas or work of another person or persons without giving proper credit to the source.
    Often related to poor understanding of proper citation technique or overuse of unoriginal content. If related to core assessment, likely unintentional. If intentional, likely indicates temporary lapse in judgment rather than premeditation.
    Premeditated attempt to use other nonoriginal content in place of one’s own work despite clear understanding of expectations. Likely, but not limited to, core assessments. May involve coordination with others.

    Levels do not necessarily reflect a progression. They may also reflect severity of the offense.
Consequences of Cheating or Plagiarism



  • Minor Offense
  • Documented warning
  • Possible grade deduction tied to point system for assignment
  • If necessary, continued education of student about proper citation, etc.
  • Major Offense
  • Repeat Minor Offense
  • Teachers may assign a failing grade for the assessment and/or require that it be redone
  • Detention
  • Repeat major offense
  • Gross major offense (elaborate pre-meditation)
  • Multiple minor offenses
  • Teachers may assign a failing grade for the assessment and/or require that it be redone
  • Half-day or full-day in-school suspension given based on circumstances and prior record
  • Gross disregard for plagiarism policy
  • Well-established pattern of poor behavior
  • Failure of course
  • No credit earned


UPDATED 6/16/2023