03 - Incomplete/Late Work

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For work that is incomplete or missing due to illness or another unplanned absence:

  • The due date will be extended one school day (minimum) for each day absent from that class.
  • The teacher will coordinate make-up dates for quizzes/tests with the student upon return to school.
  • Work still incomplete past the revised deadline will be designated as late (see Late Work section).

Students who miss an assignment deadline or an in-class assessment due to a pre-planned absence should make arrangements with the instructor prior to the absence to complete the task in a timely fashion. Where possible, those arrangements should be noted in the Skyward Family Access gradebook.

An assignment will be considered late if it is not satisfactorily completed by the beginning of class the day it is due.

For incomplete work that is late:

  • Teachers will maintain a record of the late work using the Skyward gradebook.
  • A 0% may be entered into the gradebook until the assignment is satisfactorily completed. 
  • Once completed, core assessment grades must be at least 50%. Non-core assessments may remain lower than 50% in certain cases (see course syllabus for further information).
  • Core assessments that remain late will result in an incomplete at the next marking period.
  • Students who repeatedly have late work may be placed into the Fox Success Program for further support.

All student work must be satisfactorily completed and submitted no later than 14 calendar days after the semester ends.  All remaining non-core assessments may be given a 0%.  Incomplete core assessments will result in a failing grade for the course and no credit will be given.