03 - Scheduling

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03 - Scheduling

Guidance personnel will assist students to make course selections through Skyward Family Access in February. Parents are encouraged to be involved in this process. Students will receive a copy of their requests from their Guidance Counselor, and requests can be changed at any time as space and fit allow. Special forms are required to apply for College courses, the phy ed replacement credit, and other courses as designated and communicated to the students.

Each student is expected to carry a minimum class load of seven credits each semester. Once a course is in session, schedule changes are seldom made. With the help of the student’s Guidance Counselor, courses may be added or dropped according to specific procedures. Check the online calendar for course add/drop deadlines.

Two study halls per semester are allowed for those in Student Services or for students who have multiple college courses in the same semester or are part of the Youth Apprenticeship program.


UPDATED 6/16/23