04 - Attendance Accountability

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04 - Attendance Accountability

For student safety, FVL wants to make sure that every student is accounted for every class period, every day.  

FVL’s Dean of Student Life oversees all matters related to school attendance and is supported by the Attendance Coordinator.

The Lord expects that a student, as a faithful steward of the gift of time, will attend school regularly and will be on time for all classes. Colleges, the military, and future employers want to see a strong attendance record.

  • The Wisconsin Statute (Sec. 118.15) calls for full-time attendance at school between the ages of 7-18.  
  • Regular class attendance is essential to earn academic credit at FVL. 
  • A student must attend the last half of the school day in order to participate in any school activity that day. 
  • Course credit may be forfeited on the 10th absence from a class in a semester. This includes all absences recorded as a part of the student’s attendance record (excused or unexcused). These would not include absences for school-related activities.  

UPDATED 6/07/2021