04 - Planned Absence

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04 - Planned Absence

Students who know in advance that they will be missing school are encouraged to complete a Pre-Planned Absence Form and submit it to the School Office at least one school day before the absence. Students are encouraged to submit the form as many days in advance as possible. Forms are available in the School Office or can be downloaded/printed from the FVL website in the Parents and Students portals. 

  • The completed Pre-Planned Absence Form serves as the documented note. Parents don’t need to call or send a follow-up note or email.  
  • Students who will be missing consecutive days for the same reason can use a single form. Please include the range of dates. 
  • The form is not required when students miss class for on-campus activities.  
  • The form is encouraged when students miss class for off-campus school activities.
  • Students missing the last period for school-sponsored events do not need to complete the form.

UPDATED 5/01/2024