04 - Truancy

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Students are considered truant when they miss or skip class without school approved parental permission. Any missed assignments or tests will result in an F. A vacation with an adult family member is not truancy.  

Truancy is a serious offense and will result in the following actions will be taken:

  • Students will be required to serve detention equal to the amount of school time missed.  
  • Parent(s) will be informed of the truancy. 
  • Truancies will be noted on the student’s permanent cumulative record. 
  • A student who cuts classes, skips school, leaves without a building pass or fails to bring in a valid excuse the next school day will receive one detention for each period missed up to seven for a full day and one detention for leaving without a building pass.
  • After receiving five different unexcused absences (skipping school for any period of time will be considered truancy), the parents of the student will be personally contacted and a letter will follow placing the student on disciplinary probation. 


Skipping class to work on homework or projects is considered in-house truancy. Students who are present in the building but do not report to their class are considered truant and are subject to discipline.


UPDATED 6/4/20