05 - Conduct

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The Dean of Student Life is the lead administrator for disciplinary issues. Our Guidance Counselors, teachers, and staff members also strive to encourage our students to live according to God’s Word.

As a Christian school, FVL expects its students to follow Biblical guidelines. Cursing, using vulgar language, gambling, stealing, vandalism, using drugs, sexual sins, misuse of social media, and the like are forbidden. School leaders will apply the principles of Scripture and the disciplinary policies of the school in matters where students have violated God’s Word. Law enforcement will be involved as deemed necessary by the school administration.

Disciplinary action is the responsibility of the teacher with whom a problem has arisen. If the matter is serious, the Dean of Student Life will be consulted and involved. The school administration reserves the right to place a student on probation, suspension, or recommend expulsion to the Board of Regents for such violations. Students may be suspended from cocurriculars for such violations.

Be aware that this handbook cannot list all the “do’s” and “don’ts” that are to be observed in Christian living. Just because some point does not appear in print does not indicate that it is acceptable or “legal.” Students are expected to follow God’s will as revealed in the Bible and constantly evaluate their actions from a Christian perspective.

Mandatory Reporting: By law, FVL personnel are required to report observed and/or revealed abuse and/or neglect to the proper authority.


UPDATED 6/07/2021