05 - Disciplinary Actions

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05 - Disciplinary Actions

The school’s disciplinary program is supervised by the Dean of Student Life in consultation with the Principal and other faculty when necessary. The level of parental involvement in disciplinary action depends on each case’s unique circumstances.  All sin is deviation from God’s Word, and all sin is forgiven by Jesus.  Some issues, though, due to serious spiritual ramifications, will warrant involving a student’s pastor to assist with the situation.  All disciplinary actions carried out by the school are governed by the guidance of God’s Word and seek to correct student behavior in a God-pleasing way. The various levels of disciplinary action include: 

  • Detentions - minor infractions
  • Probation - after five disciplinary detentions or more serious misconduct
  • Suspension - violation of probation guidelines or flagrant misconduct
  • Expulsion - infractions such as serious misuse of drugs/alcohol, fighting, bullying, and/or continuing disregard for school policy as well as crimes or other illegal activities
    Note - Expulsion decisions will be made by the FVL Board of Regents.

A Police Liaison Officer has been assigned to FVL by the Appleton Police Department. This officer comes to FVL at the request of the administration to deal with students who are involved in illegal activities.

Detention meets 5 days per week in the morning from 7:00-7:50 and four times per week (Mon.-Thurs.) in the afternoon from 3:20 to 4:20 PM. Failure to appear for a detention may double the penalty. Detentions may be served earlier than the scheduled date. The Dean of Student Life communicates the location.


UPDATED 6/07/2021