06 - Lockers

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06 - Lockers

Hall lockers are provided for each student and may be checked at any time by the Dean of Student Life or a designated person. Lockers in the locker rooms are issued for phy. ed. classes and for student athletics. Combination locks for these lockers must be purchased from FVL. Locks purchased elsewhere are not permitted. Students must follow these rules for lockers:

  1. Students are encouraged to lock their lockers. 
  2. Report any damage or trouble to the faculty member in charge of lockers.
  3. Report loss of property from your locker to the Dean of Student Life.
  4. No one may change lockers.
  5. No one is allowed to keep perishable food in lockers overnight.
  6. Lockers should be kept clean and neat.
  7. Scotch tape cannot be used for locker decorating. Other adhesive materials are available for purchase in the School Office.

UPDATED 6/16/23