07 - Video Surveillance/Photo and Video Policies

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07 - Video Surveillance/Photo and Video Policies

FVL follows the Federal law regarding the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FVL’s premises are monitored and recorded 24/7 by video cameras inside and outside the school to protect the student body and monitor potentially dangerous situations. Students involved in regular classroom, cocurricular, or school-related social events may be photographed, videotaped, or recorded by FVL representatives or members of the community press (TV, radio, newspaper, internet). According to the Federal privacy law, images or recordings are called “directory information” and may be legally used in yearbooks, rosters, programs, displays, newsletters, promotions, videos, or other media distributed by the school. To comply with the law, parents are required annually to sign the online Media Release Form.

A full copy of FVL’s FERPA policy is available by contacting the School Office. Parents with legal reasons for suppressing information which would identify their student(s) to the public need to meet with the Principal or Dean of Student Life for the protection both of the student(s) and those who work with the student(s) in the school setting.


UPDATED 6/16/23