07 - Weapons Policy

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FVL makes every effort to ensure the safety of its students, faculty, and staff.  As part of this effort, no one shall possess (concealed or otherwise, per Wis. Stat. § 948.605(2)(a)), use, threaten the use of, or store a weapon or look-alike weapon on school property, in a school facility, in a school vehicle, or at any school-sponsored function. A weapon is defined as any object that by its design, use, or intended use could cause bodily harm or property damage or intimidate other persons. Weapons include (but are not limited to) the following:  firearms, whether loaded or unloaded and whether operational or not; replica firearms; knives; and martial arts equipment. Items not designed as weapons will also be included under this policy if they are used to cause or with the intent of causing bodily harm or property damage or to intimidate others. Such items include (but are not limited to) the following:  chains, belts, sprays, stun guns, explosives including firecrackers, and dangerous chemicals. According to Wisconsin State Statute 948.605 titled “Gun-free School Zones,” any individual who knowingly possesses a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. The police will be informed, and the individual may be charged accordingly.

The following are exceptions to this policy: 

  1. A weapon under the control of a law enforcement officer acting in his/her official capacity.  
  2. A weapon handled in a legal manner for the purpose of education or as part of a program approved by the school administration. 

Besides notifying law enforcement officials, other possible consequences for violation of this policy by students could include any of the following:  application of approved school disciplinary practices and procedures, notification of parents or guardians, suspension from school, and expulsion from school.


UPDATED 6/08/2021