09 - Delinquent Tuition Payments

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09 - Delinquent Tuition Payments

FVL understands that unexpected changes happen in families. When these events happen, it is critical to be in contact with school personnel. Families are responsible to keep the Business Office informed of any needed changes to their tuition payment plan, including adjustments in the tuition amount to be paid. Our staff will be happy to meet and discuss how we can work together to keep payments current. When payments are missed and no communication is made with the Business Office, a number of policies go into effect depending on the payment plan chosen. Please refer to our website at fvlhs.org/late-tuition-policies.

Tuition payments must be current to receive internet access to grades and other information. All tuition and fees must be paid to receive yearbooks, final report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and the release of any school records. When families experience a change in employment or income that affects payment plan, they are encouraged to contact the Business Office to make needed changes.

Tuition balances must be paid in full by May 20. For families of seniors, tuition that is not current by May 20 may mean that student will not be allowed to participate in the graduation service. Any tuition balance outstanding on May 20 will be assessed a 3% service fee. FVL reserves the right to collect outstanding and/or past-due tuition by other legal means as deemed necessary by the FVL President in consultation with the FVL Finance Committee and the FVL Board of Regents. A serious and charitable effort will be made by the Business Office to collect tuition before any legal process is pursued.