09 - Non-Admission Due to Delinquent Tuition

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09 - Non-Admission Due to Delinquent Tuition

Families who fail to meet their tuition payment contract and who are unwilling to make suitable alternative arrangements will be informed that their child(ren) may not be readmitted. Families must be current in their tuition by August 15 to be admitted for the new school year. For families of seniors, tuition not current by May 20 may mean that student will not be allowed to participate in the graduation service. Students will be permitted to complete academic course requirements and take final exams. Report cards and permanent records will not be released until tuition is paid in full. Payments can be made directly to FVL or via FACTS, PayK12, or credit cards. If payment is not possible, suitable arrangements must be made with the Business Office. Any tuition outstanding on May 20 will be assessed a 3% service fee.   

Updated 6/16/2023