10 - Medication

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10 - Medication
  • Students may self-administer oral over-the-counter medication while at school with parent/guardian consent. 
  • All non-prescription medication must remain in the manufacturer’s original packaging in the student’s locker.
  • School staff may dispense student provided medicine from the School Office with a signed Medication Consent Form on file.  
  • Students taking prescription drugs at school for medical reasons need to have Medication Consent Forms on file with parent and physician signatures. The form can be found on fvlhs.org under Parents (go to accordion tab P10).
  • Students with diabetes should make arrangements through the School Office if refrigeration is needed for medication. It is the student’s responsibility to see that required foods or juices are available when needed.  
  • Students with EpiPens may carry the EpiPens with them during the school day. The School Office should be notified if an EpiPen is used.
  • The Dean of Student Life should be notified if medication taken at home or school may cause side effects that could cause problems at school.  
  • Any student that requires an asthma inhaler needs to have an Authorization for Asthma Medication Form on file in the School Office. The form can be found on fvlhs.org under Parents (go to accordion tab P10).

UPDATED 6/4/20