10 - Study Hall for Seniors (Commons)

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10 - Study Hall for Seniors (Commons)

Seniors are eligible to have a Commons period during their scheduled study halls. Commons periods are held in designated areas during periods 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.               


Behavior in Commons:

  1. FVL Faculty/Staff will supervise Commons.
  2. Attendance will be taken daily.
  3. Seniors may sign out to work in the Media Center.
  4. Seniors may not go to the locker rooms.
  5. Students may work in groups.
  6. Students may use their mobile phones.
  7. Vending machines are available.
  8. Students are to dispose of all trash.
  9. Students are expected to maintain reasonable noise levels.


Seniors who are on Academic or Disciplinary Pro­bation are not eligible for Commons, and must remain in study hall.    


UPDATED 6/16/2023