11 - School Laptops

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11 - School Laptops

Each student is provided a laptop on loan from Fox Valley Lutheran High School during the school year to assist them in completing assignments and projects for their classes. Students and their parents are expected to cooperate fully with the terms listed below:


  • Students must agree to the Technology Agreement which outlines appropriate use of technology devices including their laptops.
  • Laptops are to be used primarily for coursework related to enrollment at FVL. Students may not install additional programs, apps, etc., without permission.

Laptops are to be used solely by the students to whom the computers have been assigned. Students should not share, loan out, or otherwise allow anyone else to use their computers.

  • Laptops are to be stored in sleeves or bags designed for laptop when not being used to protect against damage.
  • Immediately report any and all concerns related to damage, misuse, loss, theft, etc. to the Media Center staff. If needed, the staff will provide a loaner computer.



  • Assist students in following the responsibilities as listed above for appropriate use.
  • Take an active role in supervising any and all laptop usage outside of the FVL campus, particularly as it relates to internet access.
  • Are held financially liable for a portion or all of the cost of a laptop that has been damaged, lost, or stolen. This may include, but is not limited to, deductible costs associated with general liability insurance coverage already in place at the high school.
  • Report immediately any and all concerns related to damage, misuse, loss, theft, etc.


UPDATED 5/03/2024