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Financial Policy - Admission Costs and Tuition Payments

Because FVL Federation congregations contribute a percentage of their offerings to support FVL's ministry, Federation students, in essence, receive a tuition subsidy from those congregations. Students from our community who don't belong to an FVL Federation congregation pay a higher tuition rate, yet still less than the actual cost of education. Each year, FVL supplies tuition assistance grants to families (both for Federation and Non-Federation students). In addition, many families reduce tuition through the SCRIP program. Some Federation congregations offer tuition assistance grants. 

 FVL offers three payment plans. All families must select a payment plan. Check the website under  Admissions/Tuition for additional information.

Tuition payments must be current to receive internet access to grades and other information. All tuition and fees must be paid to receive yearbooks, final report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and the release of any school records.

When families experience a change in employment or income that will affect their ability to pay tuition, they must contact the Business Office to make changes to their payment plan.

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