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Information for Parents
Helping Your Child Succeed

  • Help your children set goals
    give your children concrete expectations to work for by discussing realistic goals at the beginning of each year or grading period
  • Use proper Christian motivation to encourage your children 
    it is easy to set rules to force students to do things your way. Remember the Bible teaches that we are all gifted in unique ways — encourage your child to develop their God-given gifts.
  • Provide a good place to study 
    the designated study area should be quiet, well-lit, and comfortable
  • Attend parent programs & parent/teacher meetings 
    parent programs offer the chance to learn valuable information about your children’s school and to show them that their education is important to you
  • Insist on daily attendance 
    don’t send a message that school isn’t really important by allowing your children to miss school on days when they are not sick
  • Carefully review all midterm reports and report cards 
    let your children know you expect to see all grade reports - don’t assume someone from the school will call if there’s a problem
  • Help with time management 
    juggling homework, jobs and extracurricular activities is a challenge for teens. Help them learn these important techniques by encouraging them to follow a daily study plan
  • Monitor homework assignments 
    students must take the responsibility themselves for completion of their homework. Expect and encourage this attitude in your child.
  • Listen 
    as you talk to your children about what’s happening in school, be a good listener. Pay attention to their words, their body language, and their attitude
  • Encourage independent problem solving 
    being able to get their own questions answered and their own problems resolved helps students gain confidence, become more independent, and gives them a sense of empowerment
  • Monitor activities and jobs 
    keep tabs on the number of hours and how late your students are scheduled at their part time jobs as well as how they spend their leisure time at home
  • Be a positive Christian role model 
    your words and actions have a tremendous influence on your children, their faith, and their world
  • Encourage positive activities 
    being involved at school or in the community offers opportunities for new friendships, making a difference, and just having fun
  • Be aware and be informed 
    know your child’s friends, know what your child is doing, know where your child is going, and talk to your child about the dangers of drinking, smoking, using drugs, and improper use of the Internet
  • Set limits and boundaries 
    setting rules and enforcing them gives teens a much needed sense of security
  • Pray for your child & the school 
    prayer and Bible study are powerful ways to grow in your own faith. God promises to answer prayer and to bless his people.

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