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Information for Parents
Internet Safety Tips

  • Learn everything you can about the internet - the web can be a great tool, but it can also be very dangerous.

  • Have online-capable computers located in common family area - the more eyes to monitor computer activity, the better

  • Work together to set “family” rules - some basic rules include...
    • Always keep your identity private - never give full name, address, phone number, school name, financial info or that of your family or friends.
    • Define “appropriate” sites - avoid excessively violent, sexual or pornographic sites. Gambling sites can also cause big problems.
    • Never get together with someone you “meet” online - be aware that many criminals prowl the internet looking for unsuspecting victims.
    • Never respond to e-mail or chat comments that are sexual, threatening, or make you uncomfortable.
    • No illegal downloading of photos, music or videos - this can be an expensive mistake these days.
    • Never pose as someone else online - this borders on being illegal and is often used to cover questionable activity.

  • Be aware of chatroom use & online communities - Chatroom discussions can  deteriorate into raunchy sexual solicitations. Online communities like MySpace & others can be great places to meet people, but be aware of the dangers of sharing personal info & pictures with the entire online world.

  • Encourage your child to come to you with “online” problems - Teens need to know that can come to a responsible, caring adult for help.

  • Use  blocking & filtering technology - This is not an answer to all problems, but it does allow you to keep some bad content out of your home. Be aware that many phone plans & some video games allow Internet access.


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