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Information for Parents
Parent Partnership

Foundational Statements 

Purpose:  It shall be the aim of the FVL Federation to offer a sound Christian education to all students attending this school.  Such education shall be taught wholly and solely from a scriptural point of view as set forth in Article II of the Constitution.  All courses of instruction and school discipline shall reflect Scriptural principles. (FVL Constitution, Article III, Section 2)


Courses of Instruction

Courses of instruction shall be maintained to prepare our graduates

  • For Christian living and service
  • To enter institutions of higher education
  • To enter the worker training program of the WELS   (FVL Constitution, Article IV)


  • FVL exists to provide a Christ-centered education to students from the FVL Federation/FVL Schools system and other WELS congregations.
  • FVL exists  to provide a Christ-centered education as an outreach tool to students from the Fox Valley region.
  • FVL exists to provide a Christ-centered education as an outreach tool to international students.


Core Values
  • Preparing students for eternity is the ultimate purpose of FVL.
  • All students are encouraged to lead lives of service as demonstrated by their involvement in various service activities.
  • Through leadership training and activities students are equipped to become leaders in their school, church, and community.
  • Students are encouraged to develop healthy bodies through wellness and fitness programs.
  • All classes are taught from a scriptural viewpoint by WELS teachers.
  • All cocurricular activities are led by teachers and laypeople in fellowship with the WELS, and are an extension of the Christian classroom.


Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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