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Information for Parents
Parent Teacher Conf. Discussion Questions

  • Homework
    Is homework completed thoroughly, accurately, and on time?

  • Class Participation
    Does my child ask questions, volunteer answers, and participate in class discussions?

  • Organization 
    Does my child seem organized? Come to class prepared?

  • Academic Success 
    How is my child doing in class? Is the work up to his/her potential?

  • Classroom Time Management 
    Does my child use class time wisely?

  • Attendance & Punctuality
    Does my child come to class every day? On time?

  • Focus 
    Does my child pay attention in class?

  • Social Adjustment 
    Is my child respectful and courteous to teachers and classmates? Does my child get along well with other students?

  • Strengths and Weaknesses 
    What is my child good at? What does he/she need to work on?

  • Additional Comments 
    Do you have any advice or suggestions to help my child improve his/her performance? 

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