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School Policy - Dress Code

Since Christian love and respect should be reflected in all that we say and do, FVL faculty, staff, and students are expected to dress in a God-pleasing manner. Modesty, good taste, cleanliness, and neatness must be important factors to consider when getting ready for school. Modesty and good taste refer to avoiding such things as inappropriate t-shirts, extremes in hair style, and short skirts and shorts. Cleanliness and neatness refer to general appearance and the condition of clothes which should not be worn-out, torn, or dirty.

The dress code is in effect as soon as students enter the school until their departure, or when a student is representing the school in any activity. Failure to comply with any of the items in the dress code may cause a student to be sent home from school to remedy the situation. For the sake of order, when there are differences of opinion concerning dress, the judgment of the FVL faculty and administration is final.

Because fashion often changes, the dress code may also change during the school year. No policy can cover every possible question about dress code, but the following sections attempt to clarify as much as possible.

 The following are NOT PERMITTED for boys or girls at FVL:

  • Torn, worn-out, or dirty clothing 
  • Flip-flops — this includes sport sandals such as Adidas, Nike, etc. 
  • Slippers 
  • PJ pants, sweat pants, and wind pants — sports teams may NOT wear these pants during the school day
  • Spandex undergarments worn as outer garments 
  • Sleeveless shirts or tank tops without a shirt worn over them — all outer shirts must have sleeves of two inches past shoulder seam
  • Visible tattoos 
  • Visible body piercing, extenders or gauging — no band-aids over piercings 
  • Unnatural hair coloring or extremes in hair style 
  • Hats, caps, headscarves, hoods, or other head gear 
  • Low-hanging pants — pants must be worn on the hip 
  • Visible underwear 
  • Outerwear jackets may not be worn in school during normal school days — exceptions will be made for extremely cold days 
  • Shorts may only be worn during August, September and May — cut-off shorts and sports shorts are not allowed 
  • Students may wear clothing with logos and slogans. This also means that they can use backpacks, gym bags, and other school-related material with logos. However, any type of logo or slogan that endorses attitudes and actions that violate the school’s Christian principles are not acceptable. These include logos and slogans referencing beer, alcohol, drugs, double meaning, vulgar language, professional wrestling, and music (individuals, groups, concerts, album covers, etc.) except those associated with FVLHS or WELS musical programs.
  • Any other item of apparel which is inconsistent with the structured atmosphere of the school 

The following are NOT PERMITTED for boys at FVL:

    • Dangling/hoop earrings, more than one earring per ear lobe 
    • Ponytails 
    • Facial hair — senior boys may have a neatly trimmed mustache and beard (or goatee)

 The following are NOT PERMITTED for girls at FVL:

    • Tops that are too short, too low, or too tight
    • Tank tops or camisoles worn under a top must lie flat on their chest, with no cleavage showing
    • Shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc. that are tight-fitting or low-cut in front or back 
    • Halter tops or shrugs 
    • See-through or sheer tops 
    • Bare midriffs or backs — shirts must be long enough to be tucked in and stay tucked in to cover midriffs in the front and back while standing or sitting 
    • Skirts and shorts should be no higher than three inches above the kneecap
    • Yoga pants/leggings may be worn with an appropriate length skirt, but may NOT be worn alone as pants

 The following are allowed for boys or girls at FVL:

    • T-shirts with FVL name and/or logo, team names and/or logos, clothing brand names and/or logos 
    • Shirts with slogans that clearly promote Christianity


Any dress code violation turned in to the Assistant Principal will result in one detention. Also, the student will have to change, and/or fix the violation immediately. If the violation cannot be immediately fixed, parents will need to bring a change of clothes to school or pick up their child to fix the violation.


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