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School Policy - Study Hall Privileges for Seniors

All seniors with a GPA of at least 2.0 who are not on Academic or Disciplinary Probation nor are in the Academic Support Program are eligible to go to commons (cafeteria) or pits during study hall.

  • Seniors with ten or more absences lose commons/pits privileges for the remainder of the semester. 
  • Seniors will lose commons/pits if they have a detention, and will not regain those privileges until all detentions are served.
  • Seniors must remain in commons/pits. They may not go outside, use the gym/fitness center, or walk the hallways.


Commons is open Periods 1-4 and 6-8 during the normal school day. Because of limited space available during lunch, 5th Period commons meets in the pits and the Media Center.

Students must check in with the faculty supervisor at the beginning of the class. A student cannot have another student check in for them.

General Behavior:

  1. After attendance has been taken, students may go to the Media Center. If students complete work in the Media Center, they may go back to commons.
  2. Students may not go to the locker rooms. This includes Period 8.
  3. Students may work in groups or separately. 
  4. Reasonable noise levels are expected. 
  5. Vending machines are available.
  6. Dispose of any trash.
  7. Students may use their mobile phones.
  8. Seniors may watch the TV provided. Appropriate viewing includes sports, news, cartoon and appropriate family and game shows. No music channels allowed on the TV. No video games or other devices may be attached to the FVL TV.
  9. Students may play ping pong under the following conditions:
    • Students must bring their own equipment.
    • Students must put the tables/chairs back in their original positions at the end of each period.


Seniors may use the pits under the following guidelines: 

  1. A faculty member takes attendance for each period. Students must be on time for commons/pits.
  2. For Periods 1-4 and 6-8, some seniors may need to go to commons rather than the pits (depending on the number of seniors in the study hall).
  3. Period 5 always meets in the pits because of lunch.
  4. The pits should be quiet so members of Guidance Dept. and FVL Administration are not disturbed.
  5. No sleeping in the pits.

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