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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Aspire test?

It is a part of the overall ACT assessment program.  It attempts to assess the basic academic achievement level of 8th graders in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning.  The assessment data will be helpful for course placement at FVL, career planning, and study skills development. ACT Aspire and other Placement Test Information


    Why does my child have to take the Aspire test?

It will help us to help you with placing your child is in the classes that will best suit your child's abilities.


    How much is tuition?

Our tuition information is listed here


    Is financial aid available?

Yes, we do have a financial aid program.  Our goal is that no student will be denied a Christian high school education due to financial need. More information here!


    When does my student get his/her schedule?

Your mentor will bring your child's schedule during the August home visit.


    What are Mentors, Mentor Groups, and Mentor Visits?

Each FVL student is assigned a teacher who will serve as a mentor.  Each mentor works with a group of students from all four grade levels (Mentor Group).  Each group sits together in chapel, and once a month they study God's Word together in the mentor's classroom. The mentor helps new students adjust to high school life and is there to assist students during their years at FVL. 

Mentors will phone in late July or early August to set up an appointment to visit the student and family at home. During the visit, the mentor will....

      • share how to log into Skyward Family Access.  Skyward is the online student management system through which families have access to grades, lunch accounts, schedules, attendance, and much more.
      • share instructions on how to sign-off on the student/parent handbook in Skyward Family Access.
      • share how to set up the online payment plan for hot lunch.
      • share new student's class schedule.
      • share information about laptop use.


    What happens on Orientation Day?

Freshman and new student orientation incorporate sessions on school computer use, time management, study and organizational skills, and high school expectations.

      • All students will have their student photos taken (you will receive the photo order form with the summer newsletter mailing).
      • Free lunch will be provided to the freshmen and new students, and helpers will be present to show them how our food system works.
      • Student Council and Peer Leadership Group members will be walking around the school, ready and willing to answer any questions.  They will show the new students how their padlocks work, and are there to answer questions and help in any way they can.


    What does my student need to bring to Orientation Day?
      • Any locker shelves/magnets/pen and pencil holders, etc
      • $5 for locker padlock - all students must use FVL-issued padlocks
        (Students may use a padlock from an older brother or sister, as long as it was issued by FVL)
      • School supplies from the list
      • Money for lunch account
      • Money for photo order


    What is the Dress Code?

The Dress Code is linked here


    Is there a school supply list?

Yes!  The school supply list is linked here


    How does my student find out which locker is his or hers?

Part of the orientation day schedule includes finding out what locker number is assigned to your student and finding the locker location.


    When or where should my student purchase a lock?

This is scheduled into the orientation day schedule.  All students need to purchase and use an FVL-issued lock (students may use a padlock from an older brother or sister, as long as it was issued by FVL).


    How do I find information on activities my child might find interesting?

Lots of information can be found online under athletics and cocurriculars.  Note - if you have a question about a specific sport, it would be best to email the head coach for that sport.


    How do I find out what is going on?  Are there announcements?

Yes.  We have daily Student Announcements as well as weekly Parent Announcements.  They are both visible on our online calendar, and links to them as well as to other information sources can be found on News.


    Can I look at my child's grades or lunch balance?

Student grades, tardies, absences, lunch balance, etc can all be found online through FVL's Family Access program.  Parents may sign up for an account and password during "Orientation for Parents of Freshmen and New Students" night in early September or by calling the FVL office at 920-739-4441.


    What Fine Arts opportunities are available?

Choirs, bands, art classes, and theatre are all available to our students.
More information can be found here.


    What if my child needs to take medicine?

Please refer to the Medication Policy for more information.


    Does FVL have Chapel?

Our weekly schedule usually has chapel 4 times a week with Bible Reading or Mentor Bible Study on Wednesdays.  Most of our chapels are posted to our Facebook Page, so you are able to watch them as well!


    Once school starts I am sure I will have even more questions.  Can I talk to someone?

Every year, in late August or early September, we offer "Orientation for Parents of Freshmen and of new Students."  Parents are given a copy of the "Parent Handbook" and are walked through the website, how to login to find your child's grades, lunch balance, and are given resources for more information.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions!


    I don't know my child's teachers - is there any way I can get to meet them?

The same night as our "Orientation" (referred to in above question), we also have what is called "Meet Your Teachers."  Parents of all students - new and veteran - are encouraged to join us for an opportunity to walk through your child's schedule.  Teachers introduce themselves and their classes.  They let you know what will be expected of your child for the class.




    When do sports practices begin?

Check our online calendar for dates (fall practice begins very early in August), or you can contact your sport's head coach for more information.


    Does my child need a physical exam on file at school prior to the first day of practice?

Yes, WIAA mandates that no student is eligible to practice without a physical exam on file in the school office.


    Should my child bring the completed physical form to the first day of practice?

Preferably not. Coaches have other details to which they need to attend.  Mail or bring forms to the school office at least a week before practice begins.


    How current must a physical be to satisfy WIAA requirements?

Physical exams taken on or after April 1 are considered current through the next school year.


    Is a physical exam good for more than one school year?

If a parent signs a WIAA "Alternate Year Card," the school will attach it to the physical exam form and you can get that "extra year" our of the exam.


    What if my child is injured seriously, does that affect the longevity of the physical exam?

Seriously injured athletes often are required to receive permission from a medical doctor to return to practice.  Parents of seriously injured athletes should not in good conscience complete an "Alternate Year Form," but rather have their child obtain another physical exam.


    Where can I get a WIAA Physical Exam Form or Alternate Year Card?
      • At the WIAA website - wiaawi.org or on the FVL website under Athletics/Forms
      • Many doctor's offices print exam forms from the WIAA website.
      • Schools tend to not have them in stock because the forms get updated regularly.
      • Parents are required to complete the history portion of the form and sign it.  It is a good idea to print the form and complete the parental portion and take it to the doctor or physician's assistant doing the exam.




Do you have more questions?

Please contact the Guidance Office!
Phone - 920-739-4441
Email - dstiller@fvlhs.org

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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