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A Laptop for Every Student (1-to-1) FAQs

Updated 8/7/18...

     What does 1-to-1 mean?

The term "1-to-1" refers to each student being supplied with a laptop computer by FVL as part of their tuition. Every student who attends FVL will receive a laptop for use at school and home.

     Can students take their laptops home?

Yes. During the school year, students will be able to bring their devices home after school hours. They will be expected to have their laptop fully charged and ready for classes each day.

     What kind of laptop will students receive?

Beginning this fall, all students (including first-year STEM) will now receive a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e convertible laptop with a touchscreen. The laptops run Windows 10 and will have the Microsoft Office suite installed.

     Can students use their own laptops or tablets instead during class?

No. In order to provide a reliable and consistent experience for students and teachers, students are expected to have their school-provided device available for every class every day.

     When will laptops be distributed?

The current plan is to distribute devices to students during their respective orientation days (August 20-21).  Each device will be registered specifically to and is intended to be used only by that student.  Prior to receiving their devices, students and their families will need to review and submit a signed technology agreement online that details procedures regarding the use and care of the laptop.

     What if the laptop gets damaged or stops working?

Students will follow a standard procedure for submitting devices for repairs. Depending on the extent of the repair, "loaner" computers will be available until their device is repaired.  Additional information about procedures will be given during the first days of the school year.

     Are there warranties provided for devices?

Mechanical and software problems associated with appropriate use of the laptops provided are completely covered under warranty, free of charge.  Accidental damage to laptops including spills, drops, etc., will incur a per incident deductible of $50 with a maximum of two claims per year.  Additional accidental damage claims will be charged at cost.  Other damages not covered under the accidental damage policy including cosmetic damages to the laptop outer shell will be charged at cost at the end of the year.  Families will be responsible to cover the replacement costs of lost or stolen equipment. 

     Does my student need a case for the laptop?

Students' laptops must be in a case when not in use. Students will have the option to purchase a case from FVL on their Orientation Day (available at $20 each) or from another source. Cases from FVL will be solde on a first-come, first-served basis. If more cases need to be ordered, temporary cases will be provided until additional cases arrive (also available at $20 each). 

Laptop dimensions are 12" x 8.5" x .75"

     What benefit is there to buying a laptop case through FVL?

Families will have the option to purchase a high-quality carrying case for the Lenovo Yoga laptop through FVL for $20. Students using a case purchased through FVL will receive a waiver for their first $50 damage deductible. This waiver extends to students using recycled cases from former FVL students. 

      Will students use their laptops in every class every day?

Early in our 1-to-1 program, it is unlikely that every teacher will incorporate the device within the classroom every single day for the entire class period.  However, teachers do have the expectation that students have their devices charged as accessible each school day for class as needed.

As the faculty build capacity through professional development as students become more familiar with their own devices, use will likely increase on a daily basis.  It is not the expectation that every teacher must incorporate device usage into every lesson.  It should also not be assumed that students will have blanket permission to use their device in any class at any time.

     What if my student leaves the laptop at home or they forget to charge it?

Spare laptops will be available for "rent" from the Academic Resource Center.  Terms and cost for a rental device are still in the process of being developed.

     Can my student place stickers or write on the outer shell of the laptop?

No, students may not place stickers, write on, or do anything else that would affect the condition of the laptop outer shell.  Families will be charged at cost for devices with cosmetic damage upon return (see warranty/liability information above). 

     If my student is receiving a voucher through the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program,
        will you provide a case for the laptop?

No, laptop cases purchased through FVL would become the personal property of the family unlike the laptops.  Families are also NOT required to purchase a case through FVL.  There are other economical case options, both new and used, available if families prefer.   As with any financial hardship concern, please contact the FVL Business Office with further questions.

     Do I need to buy a laptop case for the international student I am hosting?

No, international students will have a case provided as a part of their international tuition fees.   


Additional FAQ's will be added as information becomes available. Questions regarding the 1-to-1 initiative can be directed to Mr. Alan Nolte (anolte@fvlhs.org).

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