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FVLHS News App

We have set up an app to help with sharing announcements and news with families and friends.

It is available for use on your computer or mobile device.

RECEIVE OR STOP PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - To receive push notifications on your mobile device (push notifications do not come through on the desktop version of the app), you must set up an account on the app.  Click the "My Account" link at the bottom of the screen, and then click the "Sign-up" link to set up an account.  When you are logged in, you will receive push notificaitons.  If you wish to end push notifications, you can log out of your account.  You can also stop push notifications by way of your phone's app permissions settings. 

DESKTOP USE and BROWSERS - The desktop version of the app does not work properly on the Microsoft Explorer/Microsoft Edge browser.  Please use a browser other than Microsoft to view and use this app on your computer.

Open desktop app


App Rating on the Apple App Store

The app rating on the Apple App Store is 17+ (mature) because the app grants access to the FVL YouTube channel, social media, website and the online calendar. This access enables users to navigate to any page on the internet which requires a rating of 17+ on the Apple App Store.

Access the App

The App is Divided Into Sections

Parent News 
Parent Announcements, a link to the online calendar (the online calendar is the location of the student announcements), a link to Foxes Flashmail archives, and a link to News (contains links to publications, videos, and more) are all included in this section of hte app.

College News
See which colleges will be on campus when, discover learning and camp opportunities at colleges, scholarship information, career shadowing opportunities, and more.

Volunteer/Student Jobs Sections
Volunteer and job opportunities are listed here.  Every student computer has a link to the desktop version of the app on the school-provided computer, so students do not need a smart phone to access the section. 

Prep for FVLHS
This is designed for new families. The links and inforamtion help during the 8th grade year and up to Orientation Day.

The app also includes SCRIP news, link to the online calendar, links to the most popular pages on the website, and daily class schedules.

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