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Parent Announcements

FVL News is available by way of. . .

  • FVLHS News App (everything that is in Flashmail is included in the app)
    The app is feeding into this page below the line. If you would like to view it on its own web page, click here.  You can also download the free FVLHS News App from the Apple App store or Google Play. After installing on your mobile device, create an account in the app. You can then receive push notifications (usually on Sunday afternoons on weeks when Flashmail is sent out).
  • Weekly Flashmails  
    Registration to receive Flashmail in your email and access to old issues are here.

It may take a minute for the announcements feed from the FVLHS News App to load below.  
If you would like to view the announcements on a separate web page, click here. The link takes you to the announcements page of the desktop version of the FVLHS News App.

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