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Foxes Flashmail

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Foxes Flashmail is an online newsletter. During the school year, it is emailed to subscribers most Tuesdays. During the summer, it is emailed every couple of weeks. Note that everything that is included in Foxes Flashmail is also added to the FVLHS News app.

To subscribe, click the link above.

If you have subscribed and are not receiving emails, please check your trash and junk folders. If you are at work and the messages are not getting through, you may need to contact the person in charge of the email system to get the newlsetter allowed through. 

Stop Receiving Flashmail

If you wish to stop receiving Foxes Flashmail, please send an email to Sharon Ragner at sragner@fvlhs.org, requesting to be removed from the list. In the email, please include all of the the email addresses that you would like removed.

Flashmail Archives (may take a minute for these to load)

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