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Tuition & Other Payments

Tuition Invoice Mailing in June

Each family receives their tuition invoices in late June. This statement lists tuition costs along with any assistance granted and fees applied. Any discrepancies should immediately be reported to the FVL Business Office. The first payments are due in July of each year.

How do I find my balance?

Go to the Parents Portal and scroll down to the accordion tab P14-Find Tuition Balance.

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How do I submit my payment?

  1. e-Funds
    for tuition, meal services, and other school fees:

    e-Funds online payments can be made for all back-to-school fees. Parents/Guardians can make one payment for multiple fees for one or all children in one transaction. Payments can be made from your checking account, debit card or credit card, 24 hours a day.

    How to set up an e-Funds account
    e-Funds login / create an account


  2. FACTS
    for tuition only:

    FACTS charges an annual fee per family.
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    Returning students will continue with the FACTS plan chosen the previous year unless the Business Office is notified of a change by June 1.

    FACTS program login / create an account
    FACTS frequently asked questions

    Managing your FACTS user account (PDF)
    Setting up a FACTS payment (PDF)

    FVL Tuition Assistance information
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Financial Policy (from the handbook)

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Change of Address/Church

Please advise the FVL Office when a change of address or church affiliation takes place. When a Federation family has a change in church membership or home address which decreases the tuition rate, a new billing will be sent effective the first day of the month when the move occurred. When the change increases the tuition rate, the new rate is effective the first day of the month following the move.