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SCRIP Program at FVL

     Current order form

Downloadable PDF Order Form

    Special Limited-time cards

          At certain times of the year, we have special denominations in-stock and available for immediate purchase.

  • Starbucks $5
  • Target $10
  • Amazon $10

    Required Registration/Change Form

All participants in the FVL SCRIP Program must complete this linked form or complete the paper equivilent in the Scrip Office.

SCRIP Registration/Rebate Agreement Form

Please re-submit the above form to:

     --change who you are saving (student, Tuition Assistance, Cash)

     --update your contact information (address, phone, email)

    Courier Consent Form

           If you would like your FVL student or someone else to be allowed to pick up your scrip orders, please print this form and return it to the FVL Scrip Office.

 SCRIP Courier Consent Form

    What is SCRIP?
    • Extra tuition credits for your student or future student
    • No extra charge to you
    • Gift Cards and Certificates that can be used like cash
    • Financial support for FVL's Tution Assistance Program
    • Support for other school programs
    • S = Substitute
      C = Cash
      R = Redeem
      I = In 
      P = Person


    Why SCRIP?
    • 60% of rebates from purchases is credited to the student of your choice or to the Tuition Assistance Program or as a Cash rebate check after the annual distribution. 
    • Tuition Credit may go to a future FVL student
    • Friends and relatives' SCRIP proceeds can go towards your current or future student's tuition
    • No Student? No Problem! Your purchases can still be of great benefit to the Tuition Assistance Program or your can choose to have your portion of the rebate in cash after the annual distribution is complete.
    • Additional rebates from every purchase go toward the Growing in Grace debt retirement effort and the FVL Foundation (Endowment Fund) in addition to paying the administrative costs of the program.


    Three Ways to Buy
    • SCRIP Now!  No Pick-up Needed (print at home or use smart phone)

    • SCRIP Reload  No Pick-up Needed (once you have a reloadable card)



New to SCRIP at FVL?
If you have not yet purchased FVL SCRIP, please complete and submit the required form.

   SCRIP Registration/Rebate Agreement Form

Do you want to purchase online?
Approximately 3 business days after submission of the above form, watch your email for a user name and some basic instructions.


    Online Shopping Benefits

Benefits of ScripNow! and SCRIP Reload

    • Convenience
    • Free (unless you choose to use PrestoPay and then only $.15)
    • Receive notices for BONUS rebates offered by Great Lakes SCRIP Center
    • Access to your order history
    • Access to MORE nationwide vendors offered by Great Lakes SCRIP Center
    • Access to print and reload SCRIP when the FVL SCRIP Office is closed or out of a specific vendor
    • Extended family who live around the country can purchase SCRIP to obtain tuition credit for a specific current or future FVL student
    • Pay immediately with PrestoPay, no trip to the SCRIP Office
    • Cuts the costs of running the program, so more rebates can go to FVL Tuition Assistance


    SCRIP Fast Facts
    • FVL will never mail SCRIP orders - they must be picked up.
    • SCRIP can be used with any store or manufacturer coupons, and for any specials or sales - just like cash!
    • Kohl's allows you to make payments on your store charge account with SCRIP (must pay in the store at their service desk or register)
    • Some SCRIP has a 1-year expiration date, most have a 2-year expiration date. Find specific terms by looking at the "Browse" link on the Great Lakes Scrip Center website or contacting the store via the information on the back of the card.
    • Tuition credit accumulates from purchases made between June 1 and May 31 each year.
    • Current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will have the credit applied to their next year's tuition
    • Current senior families can earn rebates through November 30, then their rebates for December-May is automatically credited to the school's Tuition Assistance Program.
    • For future students, the credit accumulates and is applied to the student's account their freshman year at FVL.


    Definitions and Details
    • Great Lakes SCRIP Center (GLSC)
      Business through which FVL purchases SCRIP. GLSC has established relationships with businesses all across the country, enabling the availability of SCRIP cards and certificates from hundreds of retailers.
    • Shop With Scrip (part of GLSC)
      Register by emailing the FVL SCRIP Office - scrip@fvlhs.org
      Great Lakes SCRIP Center is interested in making SCRIP purchases as user-friendly as possible, so they have established Shop With Scrip as an online order option. Once you register through the FVL SCRIP Office, your purchases will be credited to your student's account. Please do not create your own account.
    • SCRIP Now! (on the Shop With Scrip website)
      An option on Shop With Scrip which includes national, but NOT LOCAL retailers. Find it in the left column as one of the "Card Type" options. By purchasing online via SCRIP Now! you are able to show on your mobile device or print your own eCard, the fastest and easiest way to receive SCRIP! You can also send eGifts by email.
    • Reload and ReloadNow! 
    • PrestoPay (affiliated with GLSC)
      Method of payment for orders placed through Shop With Scrip. PrestoPay does not accept credit cards, but is set up to withdraw money directly from your checking account. (like PayPal) There is a small convenience fee for using this service.

Family Ordering Explained



SCRIP Hours for School Year

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7:30 am - 4:00 pm

NOTE: Hours may be changed for Holidays and school schedules. Please check the online calendar for the most accurate listing of hours.

2019 Summer SCRIP Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

More Details