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Welcome to the FVL SCRIP Program! 
    What is SCRIP?

When participating in the SCRIP Program, you purchase gift cards and certificates from FVL that can be used like cash. You can choose from hundreds of restaurants, retailers, and businesses, and instead of paying for your day-to-day shopping with a credit card or cash, you pay with SCRIP. 

SCRIP allows you to bank tuition credit for your student or future FVL student while shopping for your regular household needs! Each retailer has a predetermined rebate, and the rebate amount goes directly to FVL. You decide where a portion of that rebate goes, whether it be a current/future FVL student's tuition, FVL Tuition Assistance, or cash back.


    Why SCRIP?

SCRIP is an easy way to save on your student's tuition! It requires only a little bit of time and no extra money.

60% of the rebate amount from your purchase is credited back to FVL and is used to support the school. You get to choose where a portion of that rebate goes:

  • tuition for the student of your choice (current or future),
  • FVL Tuition Assistance Program,
  • Cash back rebate check after the annual distribution (late June).

In addition, friends' and relatives' SCRIP proceeds can go towards your current or future student's tuition.

Even if you don't have a student attending FVL, you can still benefit from the SCRIP Program! You can choose to have your rebate in cash after the annual distribution is complete (late June) or to have your rebate go to the Tuition Assistance Program.


    How do I get started?

New to SCRIP at FVL?
If you have not yet purchased FVL SCRIP, please complete and submit the required form.

  SCRIP Registration/Rebate Agreement Form

Please re-submit the above form to:

  • change the recipient of your rebate (student, Tuition Assistance, Cash, etc.).
  • update your contact information.

Do you want to purchase online?
Approximately 3 business days after submission of the above form, watch your email for a user name and some basic instructions.


     I'm registered! How do I purchase SCRIP?

  • SCRIP Now!  No Pick-up Needed (print at home or use smart phone)

  • SCRIP Reload  No Pick-up Needed (once you have a reloadable card)


    Can someone else pick up my SCRIP orders?

Yes! If you would like your FVL student or someone else to be allowed to pick up your SCRIP orders, please print this form and return it to the FVL SCRIP Office.

  SCRIP Courier Consent Form



SCRIP Order Form Page 1

SCRIP Order Form Page 2


2019 Summer SCRIP Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

SCRIP Hours for School Year

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7:30 am - 4:00 pm

NOTE: Hours may be changed for Holidays and school schedules. Please check the online calendar for the most accurate listing of hours.

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