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SCRIP NOW! - No pick-up needed

    1. Email the FVL Scrip Office to set up an online account if you don't have one- scrip@fvlhs.org
    2. Log in to www.shopwithscrip.com with the user name from the Scrip Office (do not set up a new account, because will not attach to your current FVL account)
    3. Under Shop>Browse>Card Type choose ScripNow to see all of the retailers offering this type of scrip.


    Payment and Pick-up

Pay with PrestoPay, then you can print your own eCard, the fastest and easiest way to receive SCRIP! Plus, you can send eGifts by email. You can also pay by check or cash in the Scrip office.

No Pick-up needed!  Just show your scrip at check out on your mobile device or print out the sheet at home and take it shopping with you.



Registration information is on our SCRIP Program page



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