Grade 9 Planning Timeline

Transitioning to high school is a big change. If you have questions, reach out to ask your teachers, your guidance counselor, or parents. Freshman year is a critical time to explore academic interests and cocurricular activities. Be open-minded to try new things because you never know how your skills and interests might guide you to new opportunities.

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Semester 1

Build your credentials

Keep track of academic and cocurricular awards, community service achievements, and anything else you participate in, so it'll be easier to remember later. Doing so will help create a quality resume and college application portfolio.

Be sure to choose classes that are challenging but manageable.  Take relevant courses that help you meet graduation requirements and prepare for life after high school. See graduation requirements.

Become active with volunteer service activities. See any religion teacher for info. Keeping a log of any hours that you volunteer can help later when you create a resume, apply for college or scholarships.

Get involved

Cocurricular activities (both school- and non-school-sponsored) are an important part of high school. Make the effort to get involved with groups, clubs, or teams that interest you. These activities are fun and make you a well-rounded student.

Develop study habits

Get off to a good start with your grades because they will impact your GPA (official Grade Point Average from school). A rigorous academic schedule is also the best way to prepare for the ACT exam. Although high school graduation seems like a long way off right now, your grades from all four years will be evaluated when determining future plans.

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Semester 2

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Explore your interests and possible careers

Think about how your skills and interests might direct you toward a career.  

Take advantage of academic services at school. Identify and discuss your skills and interests with your guidance counselor. Learn what career areas match your interests.

Start thinking about your post high school plans and whether a 2 year or 4 year college, military, or job will be right for you.  

Make summer count

There are plenty of ways to have fun and build your credentials during the summer, such as volunteering, getting a job, or participating in an enrichment program.

Start to look for volunteer opportunities or part-time jobs that will help give you new experiences.

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