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Campus Projects

Matching Funds

We thank the generous donors who have contributed to matching funds for our current campus projects! Both of these projects are urgent, and their completion will enable us to continue to serve a growing number families from the Fox River Valley and around the world. Please keep the FVL ministry in your prayers, and consider giving a gift toward these needs. 

ROOF ($400,000 Matching Fund)

Roof leaks are putting our resources in danger. To be responsible stewards of the building as well as of its contents, the roof is in the process of being replaced. Phase 1 was completed during the summer of 2022, and Phase 2 is on track for summer of 2023, with the hope of also completing the area with diagonal lines (diagram in the accordion tab below).

Consider helping to meet the matching gift for the roof project!

3 Phases of the roof project
Thermometer showing progress of matching gift for the roof
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LOCKERS ($80,000 Matching Fund has been met)

Smiling girls at their lockers

On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff of Fox Valley Lutheran High School, thank you for your generosity and support of the ministry at FVL. This fall we started a campaign to meet the need of a growing enrollment. With an enrollment of 742 and a locker capacity of 743, we had an immediate need for additional lockers. Several individuals and one congregation stepped forward to create an $80,000 matching gift for this project.

I am pleased to write that with your generous gift, the locker project is fully funded! Work will begin over spring break to prepare for locker installation this summer. This is a tremendous blessing for FVL. Thank you for making a difference.

Jay Wendland
Mission Advancement Director

Current floor plan including the pits areas

Floor Plan including Current Pits Areas

Pits will be filled in and tiled, and 88 lockers added.

Floor Plan showing filled-in pits areas and locations of 88 new lockers
Locker showing gift match so far
maroon rectangle


FVL is blessed to have a record number of students enrolled for the 2022-23 school year. Admission numbers in our Federation PreK-8 schools are on the rise. An increasing number of community members are coming to FVL as freshmen and are transferring in as sophomores, juniors, and even as seniors. 

Enrollment is projected to break 800 by 2029-2030 based on current data, but it could reach that as early as 2025-26!  

In the below chart, the numbers in boxes are based on eight years of data trends. The numbers at the top of the blue bars indicate real-time analysis of societal and FVL Schools changes.

Enrollment Projections graph from 2021-2030
Boy and girl smile in biomed class
Mr. Lemke dresses as Rocky in the classroom

What is being researched to prepare for growth?

Master Site Plans

Committees are working with President Loberger and architects from Sommerville to research and develop a master site plan for the school. 

Ministry Growth Plan

Preparing for growth involves more than adding lockers and construction. Board and committees are investing many hours into researching and working through a Ministry Growth Plan. This plan takes into consideration how enrollment numbers will impact all areas of the school.

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Classroom Usage
  • Course Offerings
  • Chapel Attendance
  • Parking Lot
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Tuition Assistance Funding

Questions or wish to contribute? 

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