Giving Day

FVL's 4th Annual Giving Day is September 21, 2021

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The initial 2021 Matching Fund of $50,000 has been met! 

Another generous donor has stepped forward with a $20,000 match. Maximize your contribution — your gift could be matched dollar-for-dollar through Friday, September 24!

Donate Online Today!

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Happy FVL student

How can I give?

  1. Online
    Visit our "Donate Online" page. (Let the Children Come is the first fund listed on the page.)
  2. Text-To-Donate
    Text the amount of your donation (no dollar sign needed) to 844-942-3819, and follow the instructions to complete the gift process.
  3. In Person
    Gifts can be brought directly to the School Office which is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM-4:00 PM.
  4. By Mail
    Checks can be mailed to the school at this address: 

    Fox Valley Lutheran HS
    5300 N. Meade Street
    Appleton, WI 54913

    Please be sure to write "Giving Day" in the memo line.

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You can support the ministry at Fox Valley Lutheran by:

  1. PRAYING: Pray for our students, faculty, and staff as we begin another school year.
  2. DONATING: All gifts, large and small, make a huge difference. Help us retire our annual mortgage. We have a growing matching fund for Giving Day!
  3. SHARING: Follow FVLHS on Facebook, and share our posts with your friends.

Each year the FVL Federation needs $475,000 to retire its mortgage by 2038. Your help is needed—every contribution makes a difference!

This once-a-year event supports FVL's Christian education ministry by helping the FVL Federation meet its annual Let the Children Come mortgage payment.

Each year, the FVL Federation needs to pay $475,000 to retire its mortgage by 2038.

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Contact Jay Wendland
Mission Advancement Director

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In August of 2018, the building addition opened its doors to expanded learning opportunities and over 650 students.
New spaces and more classes were offered than ever before!

Art Room

Students have access to natural light and tables in the newest art room. 

Students in art class

Movable tables, excellent lighting, and a colorful and spacious room all contribute
to making the new art room a wonderful learning space for our students.

New Art Room with Students

Storage units in the back of the new art room offer students a place to keep their work between classes.

Photo of students in biomed classroom

Classroom seating and lab tables are both integrated into the design of the new biomedical lab.

Happy girls in lab class
Biomedical room
Two happy girls in the biomedical lab
Two boys in lab class
Community Room

This multi-purpose room is used for classes, meetings, and dance practice.
Mirrors can be covered and tables can be moved--providing a versatile space!

Meeting in the community room

Community Room - With the decorated wall at our back and the mirrors covered, this provides a different view of our new Community Room. 

Dancers practice in Fine Arts room in front of mirror

The large mirrors in the multi-purpose room make it easier for dancers to learn their routines.

Biology room

Our science labs were in short supply before the Let the Children Come building project, making it difficult for all of our freshmen to have the ability to take Physical Science. This is one of the new science rooms that was added to accommodate our growing freshman classes!

New secure entrance

Our updated tower entrance ensures that visitors must check-in at the School Office before entering the main part of the building. The SCRIP window is conveniently located in the tower entryway. 

Large English room

Two classrooms have been updated to accommodate group meetings that are too small for the auditorium, but too large for a classroom. This is now a space that has a central divider that can be rolled into place for regular class use, or pushed aside to accommodate a faculty meeting.

2020 Giving Day

Supporters matched the $60,000 fund, and the total gifts from the FVL family were $113,600!

2019 Giving Day

2019 Giving Day incorporated challenge gifts and faculty gift matching. The event helped FVL meet its goal with gifts totaling $132,000!

2018 Giving Day

This was the first Giving Day to support Let the Children Come. The FVL family contributed over $81K! This amount was matched dollar-for-dollar, bringing the total to over $163,000.