When FVL moved from the Oneida campus to its current home, not everything was new!  

Our current organ made the 2.8 mile hike north to our new Meade Street campus in 2000. It has served the high school and Federation in concerts and worship for well over 30 years. The time has come for it to be retired. It will be replaced with an organ that is similar to what is in the Appleton Performing Arts Center. 

$3,081 is needed to complete payment for this project. 

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Our new organ was dedicated at the beginning of the Spring Sacred Concert on April 7. It will be available for use during the 2024 graduation service in the gym. Yes, the organ will be mobile, offering more opportunities for use around campus! 

See a brief description of the new organ . . .

The Rodgers Imagine Model 351 Organ offers many state-of-the-art and industry-leading digital technologies! With the incredible “Rodgers Organ Library” of organ and orchestral sampled voices and the tools that accompany this library, the creative musical applications for this instrument are virtually unlimited!

We are excited about the opportunities this new instrument will provide for worship and concerts, and we look forward to seeing (and hearing) the blessings of an upgraded organ.



Thank you for your support!

We thank the generous donors who have contributed to our campus projects and helped us continue to serve families and to prepare students for lives of service and for eternity. Please keep the FVL ministry in your prayers. 

Mr. Jeffrey Loberger


Rev. Tom Mielke

Director of Mission Advancement