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Beauty and the Beast Program

Beauty and the Beast Horitonzal banner

Music by Alan Menken

Book by Linda Woolverton

Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice

Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions

Originally Directed by Robert Jess Roth

Vocal Arrangements by David Friedman

Dance Arrangements by Glen Kelly

Orchestrations by Danny Troob

Incidental Music by Michael Kosarin

DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. (

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Guests, please note:

  • No flash photography during the performance. There will be opportunities to photograph the cast on stage right after each performance.
  • Please turn off cell phones or any other electronic devices which could disrupt the performance or interfere with our microphones.
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Our auditorium is equipped with a hearing loop listening assistance system (available only on the first floor). Receivers can be checked out at the sound board. Those with compatible hearing aids can switch to T-coil mode. 

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The Place

A charming, provincial town in the French countryside

The Time

The mid-1700's





The Town

  • "Belle" - Belle, Gaston, Silly Girls, Ensemble
  • "No Matter What" - Maurice, Belle


The Forest

  • "No Matter What (Reprise)" - Maurice


The Castle Interior



Exterior of Belle's Cottage

  • "Me" - Gaston, Belle
  • "Belle" (Reprise) - Belle


Interior of Castle

  • "Is This Home?" - Belle
  • "Is This Home? (Tag)" - Mrs. Potts


The Tavern

  • "Gaston" - LeFou, Gaston, Silly Girls, Ensemble
  • "Gaston (Reprise)" - Gaston, LeFou



  • "How Long Must This Go On?" - Beast
  • "Be Our Guest" - Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Ensemble, Beast, Belle
  • "If I Can't Love Her" - Beast



Scene 1:

The Forest



Fireplace/Castle Interior

  • "Something There" - Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth
  • "Human Again" - Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Babette, Cogsworth, Ensemble


The Tavern

  • "Maison Des Lunes" - Gaston, LeFou, Monsieur D'Arque


The Beast's Lair/West Wing

  • "Beauty and the Beast" - Mrs. Potts
  • "If I Can't Love Her (Reprise)" - Beast


Exterior of Belle's House

  • "A Change In Me" - Belle
  • "Mob Song" - Gaston, Ensemble


Castle Interior

  • "Is This Home? (Reprise)" - Belle
  • "Transformation/Finale" - Beast, Belle, Ensemble

Curtain Call


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Elise Nolte

Elise Nolte (Belle)  - Elise is so blessed to have had the opportunity to play the part of Belle in FVL’s Beauty and the Beast production this year. Although this is her first time participating in theatre at FVL, in the past, she has enjoyed taking part in various productions at her grade school, Riverview Lutheran. Elise has always loved singing, and she is very appreciative to her three sisters for the countless times they have annoyed their parents by blasting music and singing at the top of their lungs. Elise has sung with FVL’s A Cappella Choir, Choraliers, and has been a part of Lawrence Community Girl Choir. Other than performing, she enjoys running track, playing piano, and going out to eat with her friends. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the musical this year for being so welcoming and encouraging. She had an amazing time!

Blake Larson

Blake Larson (Beast) - Blake is so grateful to round up his fourth and final year of theatre in Fox Valley Lutheran’s musical production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Blake has played many roles in previous productions for Fox Valley Lutheran, and last year, he had the honor of playing Lazar Wolf in the production of Fiddler on the Roof. This year, he will be playing his biggest and most challenging role yet as the Beast. Apart from theatre, Blake is on FVL’s baseball team and also a part of Choraliers and A Cappella Choir. He will miss all the moments of spontaneously bursting into song with his friends and all the jokes and laughs they've shared. Blake would like to thank Mrs. Bixby, Mr. Pfarr, Mr. Vogel, and all the other directors who helped put together such an amazing production this year. He also wants to thank his entire family for supporting him throughout his musical career. Lastly, he would then like to thank the entire cast and crew for making his last year in theatre such an amazing experience. 

Jonah Bixby

Jonah Bixby (Gaston) - Jonah is honored to be able to take the stage again this year as a part of Beauty and the Beast.  Playing Gaston is a new experience for him as he has never before played a villain and also receiving the opportunity to actually dance in a show is exciting, as many of his previous roles have not given him the chance. Jonah has been working backstage on FVL shows since 2013, and he enjoys being involved in all aspects of the theatre, from sound and light and set construction to now being on stage.  This is his fourth production as a performer at FVL.  Jonah has appeared as the Prince in Snow White and the Dwarves of the Black Forest, and he made his musical debut as Custus in Crazy for You in 2019. Last year, he had the incredible experience of playing Tevye in the award-winning production of Fiddler on the Roof. Jonah would like to thank his mom, Mr. Pfarr and Mr. Vogel for all the work they put into the show daily and his family for spending time constantly listening to him practice. He would also like to thank Mr. Koepsell for the amazing set that he puts together each year. There is no way a production like this could take the stage without all the rest of the amazing production staff and crew. 

Jessup Rolfs

Jessup Rolfs (LeFou) - Jessup is extremely excited to be part of Fox Valley Lutheran’s production of Beauty and the Beast! He's never done anything in theatre before, save for a small play in early middle school, and so far, it’s been an amazing experience on all fronts. Outside of practice, Jessup is usually working with the FVL VEX Robotics team and singing with the Choraliers, as well as helping with Shoutcasting and strategizing for his eSports teams. In his spare time, Jessup likes to write and has been working on producing a horror game for the last few months. He also spends a lot of time hanging out with his friends, in-person or virtually. Jessup would like to thank his family and friends for cheering him on in this new role, and specially thank his robotics team, Wesley, Katie, John, and from across the Pacific, Paul, as they’ve given up a lot of work time due to him joining the play.

Erik Van Kampen

Erik Van Kampen (Maurice) - Erik is super excited to be a part of Fox Valley Lutheran’s production of Beauty and the Beast! This is his first theatre experience at FVL, and he could not ask for a better production to start with. Outside of theatre, Erik plays football and participates in Choraliers and A Cappella Choir. In his free time, Erik likes to carve wood and hang out with those nearest and dearest to him. Erik would like to thank everybody who convinced him to do it this year. It has been quite the ride and experience.

Jeff Heyer

Jefferson Heyer (Lumiere) - Jefferson is so grateful to be a part of his last Fox Valley Lutheran’s musical theatre production. He has been doing these shows since freshman year, and Lumiere is his biggest role yet. Jefferson is glad he gets to end off his high school career with a spectacular show like Beauty and the Beast. Outside of the musical, you can find him performing in the band and choir concerts. Jefferson would like to thank his sisters, Hannah and Rebecca, for getting him into musical theatre and giving him someone to aspire to be!

Eli Krueger

Eli Krueger (Cogsworth) - Eli can’t be more excited to be a part of his final production of the Fox Valley Lutheran stage! Throughout the four years he has been in the FVL musical program, Eli has been a part of many amazing shows, including last year's production of Fiddler on the Roof  as Avram. He has had so much fun this year playing as Cogsworth and all of the ridiculous interactions he has with the other castle characters. Outside of theatre, you would also be able to find him in FVL’s show choir Choraliers and at choir concerts. Other than on stage, Eli loves being on the football field or in the stands cheering on the volleyball and basketball teams. Eli would like to thank Mrs. Bixby, Mr. Vogel, and Mr. Pfarr for supporting him through all of his acting career and pushing him every day. Most of all, he’d like to thank his mother for sharing with him her love of music and musical theatre and his older brother Colin for showing him how great and exciting being a part of it feels.

Merrick Hirthe

Merrick Hirthe (Mrs. Potts) - Merrick is incredibly grateful and thrilled to be a part of FVL’s production of Beauty and the Beast this year! Merrick has been involved in many theatre productions throughout her life, from being a little girl in multiple children’s ensembles for Kaukauna Community Players, to playing Golde in last year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. In addition to theatre, she had the opportunity to perform as a lead singer for Roadside Attraction for three years and loved every minute of it. Merrick is also a part of Choraliers and FVL’s A Cappella Choir. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing en pointe and long car rides with her best friends, especially when they belt their hearts out to musicals. She'd like to thank her family for encouraging her love of everything that has to do with music and the cast for such a wild and fun year!

Myles Boehm

Myles Boehm (Chip) - Myles is glad to be here on the stage in this year's production of Beauty and the Beast. Myles first performed in a production put on by the Papermaker Players Theatre. That year, he had a great time, and as he found more opportunities in my school, he was helped to improve his skills. Now he's here in his first-ever high school performance. Myles has made many great friends and is honored to be a part of it. Thanks to the help and flexibility of those putting on this year's show, he was able to participate in both the musical and basketball this year.

Molli Dolan

Molli Dolan (Babette) - Molli feels incredibly blessed and excited to be a part of this production! In the past at Luther Preparatory School, Molli has been in The Enchanted Bookshop, The Baker Street Irregulars, and The Little Mermaid.  Outside of the musical, she participates in Cross Country and A Cappella choir at FVL, and her hobbies include constantly finding fun, random summer jobs, running, and drawing. Molli is so thankful for all the opportunities she's been given at her new school and all the people who have been a part of this new chapter in her life. Finally, Molli needs to thank her parents for instilling a love of theatre in her by making their toddlers listen to Mamma Mia! and The Phantom of the Opera instead of The Wiggles

Mikayla Dolan

Mikayla Dolan (Madame de la Grande Bouche) - Mikayla is ecstatic to be taking part in FVL’s production of Beauty and the Beast! Being part of this production has been such a blessing this year! She  has performed in a few other productions at Luther Preparatory School, such as The Little Mermaid and The Enchanted Bookshop, and she is beyond excited to be part of FVL’s theatre program! Mikayla would like to thank her amazing vocal coaches, Ms. Fritz and Mr. Krogman, for teaching her so many techniques in the performing arts, as well Mrs. Wrobel for being such an inspiration to her! She would also like to thank the amazing directors for being so encouraging and giving her the opportunity to be part of this fantastic show! And finally, Mikayla would like to thank the cast and crew for making this such a positive experience in the midst of these crazy times!

Anthony Higareda

Anthony Higareda, Jr. (Monsieur D'Arque) - Anthony is very grateful to be a part of FVL's production this year! In the past, he has played the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Riverview Lutheran School, played clarinet in the pit orchestra in Fiddler on the Roof, and also participated in The Election here at FVL two years ago. Outside of rehearsal, Anthony plays clarinet in FVL's Symphonic Band and Tenor Saxophone in the Jazz Band, and he is also part of FVL's eSports, Robotics, and Golf teams. His hobbies include driving, programming, and playing video games casually and competitively. Anthony would like to thank his family for allowing him the opportunity to participate in the musical again this year and his robotics team for being able to continue working hard and compete strongly in his absence.


Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin (Ensemble/Young Prince) - Joshua is excited and honored to be a part of FVL’s Beauty and the Beast production. This is his first time participating in an FVL production. Everyone on the cast is welcoming and encouraging. Joshua would like to thank the directors for the opportunity to be part of this production and all of the hard work they are doing in order to put on the show.

Lydia Witthuhn

Lydia Witthuhn (Ensemble/Enchantress) Beauty and the Beast is Lydia's second production at FVL, and she has had so much fun working with her peers! Other performances she has been in are Fiddler on the Roof and UW-Fox’s Dream Role. When she's not at musical practice, Lydia is working or watching Netflix. She is so happy that they were blessed to have a performance this year! Lydia would like to thank her family for leaving her leftovers to eat after a long day.

Marissa Hennig

Marissa Hennig (Ensemble/Silly Girl) - Marissa is very excited to be a part of Fox Valley Lutheran’s Beauty and the Beast! She made her musical debut as a villager in last year’s Fiddler on the Roof. Marissa has also been a part of Fox Valley Lutheran’s The Election her freshman year and Appropriate Audience Behavior last year. When she is not in theatre, you can see Marissa playing soccer, performing in A Cappella Choir, and performing in Choraliers. She would like to thank the directors for helping her grow as an actress and singer and for dedicating their time to make this amazing show. Marissa would also like to thank her parents for always encouraging her to do what she loves and for supporting her while she does those things. 

Vanessa Torres

Vanessa Torres (Ensemble/Silly Girl/Dance Captain) - Vanessa is overjoyed to be returning to the stage for this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast. Vanessa has performed in many Fox Valley Lutheran theatre productions such as this year’s Children’s Theatre, Fiddler on the Roof, and Appropriate Audience Behavior. When she is not performing, Vanessa enjoys participating in FVL’s A Cappella Choir and FVL’s show choir, Choraliers. First off, she would like to thank her amazing voice teacher Corrie at Show How Studio for helping her over these past months with her vocal and acting techniques. Secondly, she would like to thank all of the directors, especially Mrs. Bixby, for encouraging her in her theatre journey. Finally, Vanessa would like to thank the whole cast; thank you for an amazing year, she is eternally grateful for you all!

Madison Uhlenbrauck

Madison Uhlenbrauck (Ensemble/Silly Girl) - Madison is very excited to be a part of this year's production of Beauty and the Beast! This is her second year being involved in theatre at FVL. Her freshman year, Madison was involved in the musical, Cinderella, at Illinois Lutheran High School. She was also in FVL's musical, Fiddler on the Roof, last year. Outside of theatre, she love to play sports and do other activities. Madison is a part of the A Cappella choir and the show choir, Choraliers, here at FVL. She would like to thank her friends and family for convincing her to go out for the musical and supporting her in everything she does.

Jenna Bickel

Jenna Bickel (Ensemble) - Jenna is so excited to be in this year's production of Beauty and the Beast! This is her second FVL production, her first being last year's musical, Fiddler on the Roof. Jenna has made so many lasting memories during the rehearsals and friendships that will never fade. She is also in FVL’s A Cappella choir and FVL’s show choir, the Choraliers. Jenna wants to thank all of the directors and their hard work in making the production possible! She also wants to thank her family for pushing her to become a better singer and performer. She certainly wouldn’t be where she is today without them!

Jordan Gosdeck

Jordan Gosdeck (Ensemble) - Jordan has been so blessed to be able to be a part of this year’s musical. This is Jordan's second year in FVL Theatre, and she has learned so much! She is sad that this is her last show, but Jordan has grown so much through being encouraged by her fellow castmates. When she is not involved in musicals, Jordan enjoys being goofy at school with her friends and also at home with her family. She likes to be around people who make the most of life and make her laugh as much as possible. Jordan wants to thank everyone who has been there for her these past few years, and she will miss you guys next year when she's off at college. Love you all!

Kyra Johnson

Kyra Johnson (Ensemble) - Kyra is extremely thrilled to be a part of her first Fox Valley Lutheran theatre production, Beauty and the Beast! Outside of theatre, you can find her participating in FVL’s Student Council, NHS, A Cappella Choir, and Choraliers. She also spends much of her time dancing on a competitive dance team at Barb’s Centre for Dance. Kyra would like to thank the directors for helping her grow as a singer and actress, as well all of the time they put in to make this show possible and so spectacular. She would also like to thank her parents, family and friends for encouraging her to do the musical and supporting her throughout this endeavor. 

Ryan Kobs

Ryan Kobs (Ensemble) - Ryan is ecstatic to be a part of Beauty and the Beast this year! Ryan is a sophomore and feels blessed to be able to take part in such an awesome production. His theatrical debut was last year in Fiddler on the Roof, and being in this year’s Beauty and The Beast is giving him a chance to grow (and maybe learn a few more dance moves).  Ryan knows that through the musical, he has been blessed with new friendships and the chance to glorify his school, his family, and God. Ryan would like to thank his parents and family for their love and support and a big shout out to his G&G Kobs who haven’t been able to see either of his shows due to COVID. Hope you enjoy the show! 

Leah Nolte

Leah Nolte (Ensemble) - Leah is so excited to be performing in Beauty and the Beast this year! She has been either performing or helping behind the scenes with FVL theatre since her freshman year. Besides FVL, Leah also participates in various community theatre activities, some being UW-Fox Valley, St. Tim’s, SMC Theatre, and Attic Theatre. Leah would like to thank all the directors and creative team for making this show the masterpiece it is. She is so blessed to be performing with such an amazingly talented cast! She hopes you will "be our guest" and enjoy the show!

Nathaniel Starkweather

Nathaniel Starkweather (Ensemble) - This is Nathaniel's second year doing Fox Valley Lutheran Theatre productions. He has enjoyed doing them and continue to enjoy them. He enjoyed being able to work with the cast to create this production. They have a great bond, and this production was a lot of fun. Some hobbies that Nathaniel does outside of the musical include creating music, Boy Scouts, and piano.

Aliya Sulzle

Aliya Sulzle (Ensemble) - Aliya is very excited to be in FVL's production of Beauty and the Beast this year! This is her first musical, and she has had an amazing experience! Everyone has been very welcoming and encouraging. Aliya would like to thank her parents for driving her to and from all of the practices and for all their love and support. She would also like to thank everyone involved in this production for all of their hard work. It has truly been an unforgettable experience. 

John Unruh

John Unruh (Ensemble) - John is so excited to be part of this year’s musical, Beauty and the Beast. When he was first told about the musical, John was very unsure about doing it, but he is now super grateful that his sister and Mrs. Bixby talked him into it! In the past few years, John participated in a few other musicals at Mount Olive, one of which was canceled due to COVID-19. But from the beginning, he knew that he loved to be on stage. Aside from acting, John enjoys football, trapshooting, and lifting. He'd like to thank his sister, Nora, for helping him find his love for acting.

Nora Unruh

Nora Unruh (Ensemble) - Nora is beyond grateful to be a part of FVL’s production of Beauty and the Beast this year! Although this is her first year performing in an FVL musical, Nora has been a part of other productions in the past and has always enjoyed being on stage. Outside of musical, she enjoys playing piano, running track, and volunteering at the animal shelter. Nora would like to thank the incredible directors for all the hard work they’ve put in, her brother for finally deciding to do the show with her, and all her amazing castmates who have made the past few months such a blast. So incredibly proud of everyone!

Rachel Vogel

Rachel Vogel (Ensemble) - Rachel is so excited to be in the production of Beauty and the Beast this year! This is the second production she has been involved in at FVL. Rachel was also a part of Fiddler on the Roof last year. Outside of the musical, she enjoys singing with the FVL Choraliers and A Cappella choir. Rachel would like to thank her family and friends who convinced her to try theatre and the directors who made this production possible.

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