Julia Black - St. Peter, Freedom

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Julia Black - St. Peter, Freedom


Favorite Bible Passage

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32

Plans After Graduation

"I’m going to The University of Minnesota, Morris for college and will be majoring in psychology! I also hope to then get my doctorates elsewhere."

A favorite memory from FVL

"I really really enjoyed going to all the football games! It was so much fun getting dressed up and being with my friends!"

Someone who made an impact on you

"Mrs. Ferge has made a big impact in my life through her language art classes. She has encouraged me in who I am as a person and shown me more of the world. She also did an amazing job teaching us all how to write properly."

One talent/interest/passion you have

"I really enjoy art. Art museums, architecture, and any forms of artistic expression really allow me to see the beauty in our world."

What excites you most about your future

"I am very excited about going to Morris for college. It is very environmentally friendly and runs completely on renewable energy source, which I think is pretty incredible"


God's blessings, Julia!