Summer Camps 2021 Photo Gallery

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Girls share a laugh at biomed camp
Boy watches the computer screen
Girl poses with high school coach after camp
Boy kicks soccer ball
Boy dribbles basketball in camp
Girl smiles while leaping forward
Boy runs with football
Girl serves tennis ball
Boy goes for basket against a defender
Two girls smile in the stands
Girl smiles after winning a set
High schoolers give each other a piggy back ride
Boy plays video game
Boy shows high school helper his art
Boy kicks a football
Girl stops to take jump shot
Boy smiles after catching football
Boy tries to steal basketball
Girl smiles while carving wood
Boy works on wiring his hose
Boy dribbles soccer ball
Girl smiles after bumping volleyball
Girl laughs when holding her artwork
Two girls smile in the gym
Girl dribbles basketball down the court
Girl smiles at volleyball camp
Boy shares a laugh with his friends
Boy gives high five to high schooler
Boy holds up beaker
Girl smiles at cheer camp
Girl smiles by volleyball net
Boy plays video game
Girl smiles with pom poms
Boy throws a football
Girl winds up for pitch
Girl laughs sliding on a slip n slide
Boy follows through on tennis swing
Boy and girl cut pictures with scissors
Boy laughs by the computer
Girl dribbles basketball through cones
Boys run after soccer balls
Girl goes for layup
Boy receives basketball pass
Girl smiles while dancing
Boys chase after high school boy
Girl leaps during dance
Boy smiles while performing science experiment
Girl tosses jump ball
Boy tosses tennis ball
Girl performs a star jump
Boy executes a tackle
Boys share a laugh on basketball court
Boy smiles after defending goal
Happy girl runs with softball glove
Girl serves the volleyball
Girl dances in the gym
Girl and coach chase soccer ball
Boy goes for layup
High schooler gives instructions on football run
Group of kids share a laugh around computer
Girl carves wooden block
Girl smiles while dancing
Girl gets high fives from high school coaches
Girl bumps a volleyball