Trout Educator Award

Recognizing Excellence in Teaching & Service

Trout Educator Award

Throughout its history, the Lord has blessed Fox Valley Lutheran High School with numerous dedicated and outstanding teachers. These men and women not only excelled in their classroom work with their students, but also contributed through service among varied cocurricular duties, leadership in the FVL Federation, and volunteer roles at their home congregations. We thank our loving Savior for these role models and the many who served FVL's ministry along side them. To God be the glory!

David & Florence Trout Family Educator Award

In 2007, Dr. Monroe Trout and his wife Sandra established a special award to honor FVL's outstanding educators. Awarded annually, this award recognizes one full-time FVL teacher for their efforts both inside and outside the classroom. The award includes a financial stipend to be used for professional growth that advances the winner's education and benefits the FVL student body. A designated amount is left to the discretion of the educator for personal use.

Through this award, Dr. Trout is honoring his parents - David and Florence Trout - along with his brothers and sisters: Helen, David, Robert, Elizabeth, William, Herman, Charles, Arthur, Theodore, Harold, Pauline, Chester, and Hazel. Sandra Trout grew up as a member of St. Paul-Appleton and treasures the Christian education she received there.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations can be submitted by students, parents, FVL graduates, teaching colleagues, Federaton pastors/teachers, or community leaders. 
  • All full-time FVL faculty are eligible except the President or the Principal, who chairs the Selection Committee.
  • Nomination criteria include the teacher's impact on their classes, the FVL family, and the church/community at large.
  • All nominations are to include at least one letter of recommendation from someone in addition to the person making the nomination.  
  • Winners from past five years are not eligible, but may be renominated after that time.
  • All nominations must be submitted to the FVL Principal by the posted deadlines.
  • Nomination forms are downloadable or can be picked up at the FVL School Office during regular hours. You can also submit a nomination form online

Consider Nominating FVL's Next Trout Educator Award Winner!

Nomination forms are due January 31.

Nomination Form - PDF
Online Form

  • Nominees must be full-time FVL faculty members
  • Look under the Nomination Process header for instructions 

Trout Educator Award Winners

  • Mrs. Amy Gilmet (2023)*
  • Mrs. Kathy Stern (2022)*
  • Mr. Brian Zunker (2021)*
  • Mrs. Karie Mindock (2020)*
  • Mr. Dave Voss (2019)*
  • Mr. Nathan Nolte (2018)
  • Mr. James Neujahr (2017)
  • Mr. Isaiah Degner (2016)
  • Mr. Craig Charron (2015)
  • Mr. Shawn Hill (2014)
  • Mrs. Jenny Retzlaff (2013)
  • Rev. David Wenzel (2012)
  • Mr. Brian Zunker (2011)
  • Mr. Dave Payne (2010)
  • Mr. Paul Grubbs (2009)
  • Rev. Leon Ehlert (2008)

*NOTE: The 5 most recent winners are not eligible to be renominated.

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School Photo Amy Gilmet

"Receiving this award has been truly overwhelming. I am blessed to work with amazing colleagues, students, and families at FVL. It is a joy and a privilege to serve in this ministry and I am ever thankful. 

I am currently in a graduate program for school counseling and will be using this generous gift as I continue my studies this summer." 

Mrs. Amy Gilmet, 2023

Headshot of Karie Mindock

"I was shocked and thrilled to receive this award. I felt completely humbled to be chosen for this award. It is a privilege to serve the Lord here at FVL, and I love what I get to do here every day.

A dream I have always had is to get my Doctorate. With the educational portion of the award, I began my Doctoral studies in curriculum and teaching. I hope to cross that off my bucket list!"

Mrs. Karie Mindock, 2020 

Headshot of Nathan Nolte

"I was truly humbled to be chosen for the Trout Family Educator Award. I am incredibly blessed to be able to serve at Fox Valley Lutheran High School amongst a group of dedicated and passionate educators.

As an engineering teacher, I am always looking for unique ways that engineering is used in the world around us. Thanks to the Trout Educator Award, I was able to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the workings of the Disney World parks that focused on the magic of engineering (or Imagineering) that makes the parks possible."

Mr. Nathan Nolte, 2018