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Paying with e-Funds

We are pleased to announce that online payments can be made for all back-to-school fees! This is a great way to save time and reduce the number of checks/transactions that need to be made. Parents/Guardians are able to make one payment for multiple fees for one or all children in one transaction. Options for payments can be made from your checking account, debit card or credit card, 24 hours a day.

  • CHECKING ACCOUNT - Please note that if you link to your checking account, FVL will pay the service fee.
  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT - These transactions cost $2.65 per $100 transaction. Combining your fees into one transaction is the most cost effective way to make payments. More details on fees can be found when you log in to eFunds.


To find your student's ID in family access please view below graphics.


Efunds - Student info

Efunds - Student name

Efunds - Family ID

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